IT Outsourcing

In order to support our customers’ strategic activities, ensure their performance and daily ┬ároductivity, Alphasoft Limited offers remote facilities management services (the infrastructure is situated on the customer’s premises but is managed by Alphasoft Limited).

Our teams work on a daily basis to help you control and optimize your infrastructure in order to guarantee an adequate and efficient systems operation. Our methodology is based on the major ITIL principles and ensures the maximum amount of rigour in our processes.

A great deal of companies currently entrust their infrastructure to a service provider in order to:

  1. Decrease their committed costs
  2. Refocus on their business core
  3. Have specialists manage their IT system
  4. Outsource requirements
  5. Have the guarantee of service quality and a high level of availability for better risk management
  6. Improve company margins and profitability
  7. Free up resources to focus on innovation and expansion
  8. Reduce personnel management, including personnel hiring & attrition liabilities
  9. Enjoy Round-the-clock support.

Alphasoft Limited supports and manages the infrastructure of its customers by offering innovative methods and management tools in order to guarantee service quality and an infrastructure availability rate of more than 99%