How long does it take to design the website?

All our website design plans have a time frame for design and release. These time frames are achievable provided you have all the logos, text and images available at the start of the project and and you respond to our revisions in a timely manner. Until now, none of our projects have taken us more than four weeks to complete no matter how complex.

Do i have to host my website with you?

Not necessarily. The cost of developing the website is different from the cost of hosting the website. Once the development is complete, you may take the whole website and upload it to another server.
If you do not have a host we are more than happy to host your website, please browse our hosting packages on this website or contact us.

What if i want to add more content pages? what do is the cost?

You may add more content pages anytime during and after the design and development of the website. Our developer team is committed to build you website to your satisfaction and to meet your specifications. The cost is negotiable.
If you already have an existing website and need to add pages and content, let us know and a dedicated project manager will contact you to know your specific needs and will provide a quote for you.

Can you make my existing website responsive?

A responsive website is one that responds to different screen devices such as Mobile, Tabs, Ipads and PCs.

YES, we can make your existing website completely responsive to all different devices maintaining your website layout look. (NB: Take a look our website using different devices)

How can I be sure am getting a quality website output?

When you order for a website from us, we first develop you a design illustration (jpeg or png format) of how your website will exactly look like. You can then advise or recommend modifications upto when you are satisfied with the design. Here we start the implementation process.